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Varun Bhaskaran (WAS) Scholarship Program of IDF
Disability: Immune Deficiency N/A May 31
http://primaryimmune.org/services/idf-academic-scholarship-programs/ Report Changes
TranscriptionServices.com Scholarship
Disability: Deaf & Hard of Hearing $500 Jun 1
https://www.transcriptionservices.com/scholarship Report Changes
Scholarship of The Arts by Boomer Esiason Foundation
Disability: Cystic Fibrosis $500-$1,000 May 20
https://www.esiason.org/cf-living/scholarships/scholarship-of-the-arts Report Changes
Roy Cooper Memorial Scholarship by Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario
Disability: Learning Disability (Ontario Only) $1,000 Jun 17
http://www.ldao.ca/ldao-services/ldao-scholarships-bursaries/ Report Changes
Rosemary Quigley Memorial Scholarship by Boomer Esiason Foundation
Disability: Cystic Fibrosis $500-$2,000 Jun 17
https://www.esiason.org/cf-living/scholarships/rosemary-quigley-memorial-scholarship Report Changes
Paralyzed Veterans of America Scholarship Program
Disability: Physical Disability $1,000 Jun 17
http://www.pva.org/site/c.ajIRK9NJLcJ2E/b.6305559/k.FBA1/Scholarship_Program.htm Report Changes
Louise Tumarkin Zazove Foundation Scholarships
Disability: Deaf & Hard of Hearing N/A May 26
http://www.ltzfoundation.org/scholarships.php Report Changes
Lime Connect Pathways Scholarship for High School Seniors
Disability: Any Disability (High School Seniors) $1,000 May 29
https://limeconnect.com/awards/lime-connect-pathways-scholarship-for-high-school-seniors/ Report Changes
LD Resources Foundation Awards
Disability: Learning Disability N/A Jun 15
http://ldrfa.org/?portfolio=award-programs Report Changes
Katie MacDonald Memorial Scholarships by UPS for DownS
Disability: Down Syndrome $2,500 Jun 1
http://www.upsfordowns.org/support/Scholarships.aspx Report Changes
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