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Disability Scholarships A-to-Z is an online directory of scholarships for students with disabilities. To find scholarships, select one of the disability categories near the top of the page, or use the search bar at the top-right of the page. If you know of a disability scholarship that we can add to our directory, please tell us on our Add A Scholarship page. A huge "Thank You!" goes out to VeCaAd and also to Shot Aces for donating their time, talents, and necessary funds to manage this website!

Largest Scholarships for Students with Any Disability:

Man In Wheel Chair - DSAZ
Scholarship Title Award Due
BlackRock Founders Scholarship
Disability: Any Disability $17,500 Aug 10
https://careers.blackrock.com/students#blackrock-founders-scholarship-us Report Changes
AAPD Paul G. Hearne Leadership Awards
Disability: Any Disability $10,000 Sep 30
http://www.aapd.com/aapd-paul-g-hearne-leadership-awards/ Report Changes
BMO Capital Markets Lime Connect Equity Through Education Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
Disability: Any Disability $5,000-$10,000 Apr 9
https://www.limeconnect.com/programs/page/bmo-capital-markets-lime-connect-equity-through-education-scholarship Report Changes
Google Lime Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities
Disability: Any Disability $5,000-$10,000 Dec 12
https://www.limeconnect.com/programs/page/google-lime-scholarship Report Changes
NBCUniversal Tony Coelho Media Scholarship
Disability: Any Disability $5,625 Jul 1
http://www.aapd.com/nbcuniversal-tony-coelho-media-scholarship-program/ Report Changes
BMO Financial Group Lime Connect Canada Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities
Disability: Any Disability (Canada Only) $5,000 Oct 18
https://www.limeconnect.com/programs/page/bmo-capital-markets-lime-connect-equity-through-education-scholarship Report Changes
Microsoft disAbility Scholarship
Disability: Any Disability $5,000 Mar 15
https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/diversity/programs/microsoftdisabilityscholarship.aspx Report Changes
PwC Lime Scholarship
Disability: Any Disability $4,000 Dec 9
https://www.limeconnect.com/pwclimescholarship Report Changes
Newcombe Scholarships for Students With Disabilities
Disability: Any Disability $500-$3,500 Mar 23
http://www.newcombefoundation.org/scholarship_swd.html Report Changes
Loreen Arbus Foundation Scholarship
Disability: Any Disability (Female Only) $2,500 May 1
http://allwomeninmedia.org/foundation/scholarships/ Report Changes

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