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Volunteer - DSAZ

Volunteer - Disability Scholarships A-to-Z

We have multiple ways you can volunteer to help students with disabilities.

Volunteer Activity #1

Requests From Schools:

  • School requests have been fulfilled at this time. To help us find more, try the "Assist Schools" Volunteer Activity.

If you work for a school and know of a volunteer activity we can add here, please let us know.

Volunteer Activity #2

Assist Schools:

  • Select any colleges or universities you wish to assist, especially smaller schools in your area.
  • Check our "Already Contacted" list below to make sure they aren't already being assisted.
  • Find online each of their Disability Resource Centers (DRC) and their Financial Aid Offices (FAO) contact pages.
  • Via email or contact form, send each DRC and FAO a separate brief message to offer volunteer help and provide useful disability scholarship information. Use the "Sample Message" below as a template for your first contact.
  • Don't send group emails to multiple schools. Emails should be individual and deliberate.
  • Let us know if your schools request a volunteer activity that we can add to this page.
  • Let us know which schools you contact, so we can update our "Already Contacted" list.
  • Reach out at least monthly to your selected schools, to offer volunteer help and let them know of disability scholarships due soon, found online at: https://www.dsaz.org/scholarships/?q=Due+Soon

Sample Message:  

Already Contacted:   (DRC = Disability Resource Center,  FAO = Financial Aid Office)

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Volunteer Activity #3

Link To Us:

Every link helps, even if it comes from a rarely visited page, because small things add up. They help students find our disability scholarships and volunteers find our opportunities, so please link to us from all of your websites, blogs, social media pages, and any other webpages. Here are some sample links:

Volunteer Page Links:

Disability Scholarships Page Links:

Volunteer Activity #4

Find New Scholarships:

We're always looking to add to our directory of disability scholarships. Please:

  • Search online for scholarships that are exclusively for students with disabilities.
  • We recommend using search phrases that include the specific disability. (Example: "deaf scholarship")
  • Check if any of the scholarships you find are already listed in our directory.
  • If not already listed, let us know using our Add A Scholarship page.

Volunteer Activity #5

Social Media Contributors:

We want volunteers to find information online that's specifically helpful to students with disabilities, and post it regularly on our Facebook and other social media pages. If you're interested in helping in this way, let us know.

If you have experience in social media marketing, and you'd like to volunteer to lead our social media efforts, please contact us.

Volunteer Activity #6

Share Via Social Media:

Let your friends and social media followers know that you are a volunteer for Disability Scholarships A-to-Z, and that we can use any help that we can get.

If you have other ways you could spread the word to more volunteers, or let students with disabilities know that these scholarships exist, please do it!

Thank you for your willingness to help, and please let us know if you have any ideas of how to better assist!

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