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Physical Disability Scholarships

Physical Disability Scholarships - DSAZ
Scholarship Title Award Due 18 sorted by Award
Claude S. Weiler Scholarship for Amputee College Students
Disability: Physical Disability N/A Aug 31
http://nationalamputation.org/scholar1.html Report Changes
Marianjoy Scholarship Program
Disability: Physical Disability N/A Mar 30
http://www.marianjoyfoundation.org/scholarship/Scholarship2.aspx Report Changes
Terrill Foundation Neurologic Disease & Brain Injury Scholarship
Disability: Neurologic Disease/Brain Injury N/A Mar 15
http://www.terrillfoundation.org/#fifth Report Changes
Also Check Out: Scholarships for Students with Any Disability - DSAZ.org
Disability: Any Disability $50-$10,000 Monthly
https://www.dsaz.org/scholarships/any-disability/ Report Changes
Rent A Knee Walker Scholarship Fund
Disability: Physical Disability $250 Sep 1
https://www.rentakneewalker.com/scholarship Report Changes
1800wheelchair.com Scholarship
Disability: Physical Disability $500 Jan 15
http://www.1800wheelchair.com/scholarship/ Report Changes
Mobility Disability Scholarship - Karman Healthcare Scholarship Fund
Disability: Physical Disability $500 Sep 1
http://www.karmanhealthcare.com/scholarships/ Report Changes
OptimizeMyFirm Law Firm Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
Disability: Physical Disability $500 May 15
https://optimizemyfirm.com/community/scholarship/ Report Changes
2022 Persevering Through Paralysis Scholarship
Disability: Paralysis $1,000 Feb 28
https://sepulvedalawgroup.com/2022-persevering-through-paralysis-scholarship/ Report Changes
ABC Law Centers Cerebral Palsy Scholarship
Disability: Cerebral Palsy $1,000 Jul 31
https://www.abclawcenters.com/cerebral-palsy-scholarship/ Report Changes
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