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About The Directory:

Disability Scholarships A-to-Z (DSAZ) is an online directory of scholarships for students with disabilities. It is designed to be simple, convenient, straight forward, and up-to-date so that students can easily find and apply to their respective scholarships.

About Our Team:

DSAZ is run and managed by Reed and Meghan Jacobsen, pictured to the right. After working with schools to provide some scholarship funds, Reed found that directories and other resources often lacked sufficient information on scholarships for students with disabilities. So, he went to work on creating one, and the DSAZ directory was the result.

About Funding:

DSAZ raises funds to improve disability resources and to eventually provide more disability scholarships. A special "Thank You!" goes out to the following individuals for their contributions:
Naperville Orthodontist Dr. Jose Chacon Naperville Orthodontist Dr. Jose Chacon Ortho Scholar Logo Ortho Scholar

If you're interested in contributing, contact DSAZ to find out how you can get started on helping today!

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