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Scholarship Title Award Deadline
Varun Bhaskaran (WAS) Scholarship Program of IDF
Disability: Immune Deficiency N/A May 31
http://primaryimmune.org/services/idf-academic-scholarship-programs/ Report Changes
Elaine Chapin Fund - Multiple Sclerosis Scholarship
Disability: Multiple Sclerosis $1,000 April 30
https://sites.google.com/site/theelainechapinfund/news Report Changes
Eric Marder Scholarship Fund
Disability: Immune Deficiency N/A April 30
http://www.ericsfund.org/scholarships.html Report Changes
Hydrocephalus Association's Scholarship Program
Disability: Hydrocephalus $1,000 April 30
http://www.hydroassoc.org/scholarships/ Report Changes
Little People of America Scholarship Program
Disability: Dwarfism $250 - $1,000 April 30
http://www.lpaonline.org/college-scholarship-applications Report Changes
Aimee Melissa Davis Memorial Scholarship
Disability: Type I Diabetes (Austin, TX Only) $5,000 April 15
https://austincf.academicworks.com/opportunities/108 Report Changes
Diabetes Scholars Foundation's College Scholarship Program
Disability: Diabetes N/A April 15
http://diabetesscholars.org/college-scholarship/ Report Changes
UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program™
Disability: Epilepsy $5,000 April 11
https://ucbepilepsyscholarship.com/default.aspx Report Changes
Matthew Debono Memorial Scholarship Fund
Disability: Aplastic Anemia/MDS/PNH $1,000 - $2,000 April 1
http://www.aamds.org/support-and-community/scholarships/debono Report Changes
Judith Cary Leadership Memorial Scholarship
Disability: Special Education $1,000 March 31
http://mossfoundation.org/scholarships-awards-and-grants/judith-cary-leadership-memorial-scholarship Report Changes
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