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Scholarship Title Award Deadline
Anne Ford Scholarship
Disability: Learning Disability $2,500 - $10,000 November 13
http://ncld.org/scholarships-and-awards/#scholarship-320 Report Changes
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Disability: Any Disability $50 - $10,000 Monthly
http://www.dsaz.org/scholarships/any-disability/ Report Changes
Marion Huber Learning Through Listening® (LTL®) Awards
Disability: Learning Disability $2,000 - $6,000 March 10
https://www.learningally.org/NAA/Application-LTL.aspx Report Changes
Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship
Disability: Learning Disability $2,500 November 13
http://ncld.org/scholarships-and-awards/#scholarship-318 Report Changes
Karina Eide Memorial College Scholarships for Dyslexic Students
Disability: Dyslexia $2,500 March 1
https://www.understood.org/en/family/managing-everyday-challenges/financial-challenges/financial-aid-and-scholarships-for-students-with-learning-and-attention-issues Report Changes
RiSE Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Award
Disability: Learning Disability $2,500 N/A
http://risescholarshipfoundation.org/rise-award/apply-now/ Report Changes
Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship by Shire
Disability: Learning Disability $2,000 March 9
http://www.shireadhdscholarship.com/US/default.aspx Report Changes
Ralph G. Norman Scholarship by Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas
Disability: Learning Disability (Arkansas Only) $2,000 March 31
http://www.ldarkansas.org/norman.cfm Report Changes
Shire Canada ADHD Scholarship Program (Temporarily Closed 2017-?)
Disability: Learning Disability $1,500 April 22
http://www.shireadhdscholarship.com/CA-EN/default.aspx Report Changes
Fred J. Epstein Youth Achievement Award by Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities®
Disability: Learning Disability $1,000 February 15
http://www.smartkidswithld.org/2016-youth-achievement-award-launched/ Report Changes
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