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Scholarship Title Award Deadline
CCLVI Dr. Sam Genensky Video Magnification Award
Disability: Blind & Visually Impaired N/A April 20
http://www.cclvi.org/scholarships-and-awards Report Changes
Christian Record Services for the Blind Scholarships
Disability: Blind & Visually Impaired N/A April 1
http://services.christianrecord.org/scholarships/index.php Report Changes
Claude S. Weiler Scholarship for Amputee College Students
Disability: Physical Disability N/A August 31
http://nationalamputation.org/scholar1.html Report Changes
Diabetes Scholars Foundation's College Scholarship Program
Disability: Diabetes N/A April 15
http://diabetesscholars.org/college-scholarship/ Report Changes
Dr. Angela E. Grant Memorial Scholarship Fund
Disability: Cancer N/A May 1
http://www.drangelagrantscholarship.org/apply.html Report Changes
Eric Marder Scholarship Fund
Disability: Immune Deficiency N/A April 30
http://www.ericsfund.org/scholarships.html Report Changes
Federal Aid for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Disability: Learning Disability N/A N/A
https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/eligibility/intellectual-disabilities Report Changes
Gallaudet University Alumni Association Graduate Fellowship Fund
Disability: Deaf & Hard of Hearing N/A April 20
http://www.gallaudet.edu/institutional-advancement/alumni-relations/alumni-association-(guaa)/the-centennial-fund/gf-fund.html Report Changes
Jewish Community Services (JCS) Scholarship Program
Disability: Learning Disability (Jewish Only) N/A April 1
http://www.jcsbaltimore.org/jcs-scholarship-program/ Report Changes
LD Resources Foundation Awards
Disability: Learning Disability N/A June 15
http://ldrfa.org/?portfolio=award-programs Report Changes
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