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Scholarship Title Award Deadline
Ben's Fund Autism Grant by FEAT of Washington
Disability: Autism (Washington Only) $1,000 Monthly
http://www.featwa.org/grants/ Report Changes
2019 Matt LaClear & Danielle Peffers Scholarship Fund
Disability: Autism $750 January 10
https://yourseosquad.com/2019-scholarship-fund/ Report Changes
Iconic Displays Autism Scholarship
Disability: Autism $750 December 31
https://www.iconicdisplays.com/Iconic-Displays-Autism-Scholarship.html Report Changes
Alexis Kate Special Education Teacher Scholarship
Disability: Autism $500 May 18
http://edenautism.org/scholarships/ Report Changes
Dan Archwamety Post-Secondary Education Scholarship
Disability: Autism $500 March 18
http://autismnebraska.org/dan-archwamety-post-secondary-education-scholarship/ Report Changes
MediaWorks Scholarship for Students With Autism
Disability: Autism $500 January 10
https://mediaworksgroup.com/mediaworks-scholarship-students-autism/ Report Changes
Sunwise Capital Autism Scholarship
Disability: Autism $500 January 10
https://sunwisecapital.com/autism-scholarship/ Report Changes
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